Provost - Position Description

Role and Responsibilities

Reporting directly to the President, the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the University, the steward of the university's academic priorities and a key member of the President's leadership team, working collaboratively toward the achievement of institutional goals and objectives. 

The Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the primary advocate for student success and the pursuit of academic excellence, providing leadership, vision and direction of academic programs, including curriculum and program development, the teaching and learning environment, assessment, accreditation, advising and retention of students, academic support services, research and scholarly activities. 

The Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs will:

  1. Collaboratively partner with the President and university faculty, staff and administration to provide an outstanding education for UMHB students and to ensure that the academic vision integrates with the university’s Christian mission, vision and values.
  2. Provide inspired leadership that advances:
    1. Excellence and innovation in design of the curriculum and the quality of teaching and learning to promote the academic achievement and enrichment of UMHB’s students
    2. A student-centered culture
    3. The highest standards in faculty appointments, evaluations, tenure and promotion
    4. A campus-wide sense of collaboration and momentum across the institutional priorities of teaching, scholarship and service
  3. Serve as liaison to the Faculty Council;
  4. Oversee external academic program approval processes and institutional accreditation;
  5. Formulate and oversee operating budgets for the academic units in order to achieve and sustain successful operations while demonstrating effective stewardship;
  6. Oversee the staffing and operation of all units within the Division of Academic Affairs to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness; 
  7. Lead and direct university initiatives to meet/exceed retention rate targets and graduation rate targets for all Colleges and programs;
  8. Be visible to faculty and students in an effort to create openness and understanding of UMHB activities and future plans;
  9. Represent the university at various community, civic, and educational meetings and conferences;
  10. Provide direct supervision and support for the academic Deans, the Vice President for Innovation & Associate Provost, the Registrar, the Director of Learning Resources, the Director for the Center of Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and other units within the Division of Academic Affairs with which the Provost may wish to have a direct reporting relationship.

Key Goals

  1. Developing, sustaining and evaluating high quality academic programs (including traditional and alternative modes of delivery) that are attractive to a large number of undergraduate and graduate students in order to broaden the reputation of the university and achieve continuing growth;
  2. Facilitating faculty development opportunities so that the university can continue to attract, promote, and retain excellent faculty;
  3. Sustaining a deep understanding of the contemporary landscape of higher education, including accreditation, regulatory/legal issues and emerging trends that may provide opportunities and/or necessitate adjustments to the university’s operating environment;
  4. Fostering exceptional collegiality, collaboration and cooperation between faculty, staff and administration to achieve the university’s mission, vision and goals.


The successful candidate will: 

  1. Hold a doctoral degree from an accredited institution;
  2. Demonstrate a commitment and ability to effectively relate to students;
  3. Exhibit a passion for the teaching-centered mission of a comprehensive Christian liberal arts university with strong undergraduate and graduate programs;
  4. Have an established record in effective teaching, sufficient to merit appointment at the rank of full professor in a field of study offered at UMHB;
  5. Be an active, committed member of a Baptist church and demonstrate a strong commitment to UMHB’s Baptist heritage;
  6. Have demonstrated skill in budget formulation and management;
  7. Possess the breadth of knowledge and foresight needed to effectively evaluate programs and identify existing, emerging, and interdisciplinary fields for institutional investment;
  8. Possess demonstrated skills to work effectively with the faculty, staff and administration across campus to champion institutional initiatives that will successfully attract and retain students, faculty, staff and donors;
  9. Possess demonstrated strategic leadership in planning, communication and organization;
  10. Demonstrate the vision, judgment and tact to set priorities, make difficult decisions, allocate resources, delegate appropriate authority, and model collaboration and collegiality;
  11. Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  12. Possess excellent public speaking skills;
  13. Demonstrate an effective blend of patience, persistence, compassion, and urgency; and the ability to actively listen and encourage collaborative participation;
  14. Demonstrate success in management of a professional faculty and staff;
  15. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the higher education landscape, including accreditations standards and processes, regulatory and legal issues, and risk management;
  16. Have a proven ability to inspire, collaborate, and build consensus with the diverse constituencies within the University to achieve the University’s mission, vision and goals.