UMHB offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare each student to be an informed citizen of today’s world as well as a leader in his or her chosen profession. All students complete core courses in the humanities and sciences, fine arts, and Christian studies, as well as advanced courses in their selected fields of study.

The university’s academic programs are administered through six colleges and a school for graduate programs:

The College of Christian Studies provides core courses in Old and New Testament for all students; upper-level courses prepare students for advanced study at a graduate school or seminary and for service in a church, in the mission field, and in other ministry settings.
Dean: Dr. Tim Crawford

The College of Education encompasses studies in education and exercise sport science, with the goal of preparing moral, caring educators and fitness professionals who are prepared to work in culturally diverse settings.
Dean: Dr. Marlene Zipperlin

The College of Humanities and Sciences provides learning opportunities for students to develop communication and critical thinking skills and to understand and appreciate the human experience through studies in literature, languages, history, political science, and communications. Courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, military science, math, computer science, and engineering promote scientific literacy among all students and prepare majors for professional careers and graduate studies.
Dean: Dr. Danny Mynatt

The College of Visual and Performing Arts offers coursework in both art and music, with the goal of helping all students develop an understanding of and appreciation for the arts. Advanced courses are designed to produce artists, designers, performers, and scholars with unique creative skills and insightful Christian faith.
Dean: Mr. Ted Barnes

McLane College of Business prepares students for a life of ethical business leadership in a rapidly changing world through practical experiences, the study of sound business concepts, and the use of technologies to address the challenges of business on a global scale.
Dean: Dr. Ken Smith

Scott & White College of Nursing prepares students to become lifelong learners and community servants who practice nursing based on Christian values and professional principles. Emphasis is placed on leadership, decision making, and problem solving based on knowledge of the natural, behavioral, and social sciences; humanities; and nursing.
Dean: Dr. Sharon Souter

The Graduate School offers master’s degrees in counseling, business administration, education, exercise physiology, sport administration, information systems, and nursing. The school also includes three doctoral degree programs: the Doctor of Education, the Doctor of Nursing Practice, and the Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Dean: Dr. Colin Wilborn

Academic Distinctives

Freshman Seminars are taught by experienced faculty members who are recognized as outstanding teachers. Though the topics of the seminars are varied, they are all designed to give new freshmen the tools they need to transition from high school to college and to build strong relationships between the students and their professors and upperclassmen who serve as their "Cru Leaders."

The Honors Program offers academically gifted students opportunities to enroll in special courses with equally talented students and take part in special programs designed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity and social awareness. Honors students who complete a senior research project in their majors have the opportunity to graduate magna cum laude or summa cum laude.

Study Abroad Programs offer a growing number of ways for students to include an international travel experience as a part of their coursework. Opportunities range from a full semester in the London Studies Program to one-week study trips to locations in Europe, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Study abroad scholarships are offered to encourage broad participation in these programs.

Fine Arts Experiences give students the chance to experience a wide variety of artistic expressions by attending campus programs related to art or music. Recognizing that no education is complete without a familiarity and understanding of the arts, the core curriculum requires undergraduates to attend one fine arts program each semester.